How to Order?

Most of the articles showed in the store are available for sell and ship ASAP. If you want to order a custom article, you can call, text or email me, just leave your comment in the contact page.

How long takes an order?

It depends of the article: quantity and model style. It may takes 1 to 8 days, or more if it’s a fancy design. Anyway, I can tell you the approximate time to deliver if you ask me, no compromise to buy.

Do you ship to other countries?

I’m not a exporter, but I have shipped some orders to USA, Centro America, Europe and Asia. I can ship by DHL, UPS or FedEx, even by regular mail.

What material do you use?

We use cow hides mainly, some goat and pig skin too. All this for food consumption, then we extract the leather.

How much for shipping cost?

Depends of items quantity, size and weight. Also about the service you decide to order: express, fast, regular, slow deliver. In any case, I also can quote for any order you need.

Pay Methods?

Most of my clients uses Money orders, specially:  Western Union, MoneyGram, Siga, Xoom, Elektra, Bancomer… The second method most used is: Paypal, no commission, fast and secure. Or well a bank wire transfer.

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