Frequently Asked Questions

How works this shop?

If shopping:

Pick a product, check availability, price and order conditions. Proceed to buy now and follow all the payment instructions. Wait for an email to confirm your order. Then wait for a shipping bill to pay. Pay for freight, receive your order in the follow 3-5 days (Mexico and all countries), or 12 days if you choose ground shipping service (Mexico and USA only).

If need custom Order:

Or have any question before buy any article, leave a message here in Contact area, or call me to +322 125 5374 (WhatsApp for chat).


Do you ship any country?


Yes I ship to many countries around the world.

How long takes an order to get home?


It depends of the service you pay. I usually ship by UPS and FedEx, while the faster service are, most expensive: 2 – 3 days; then 4 – 5 days. UPS has a ground service for 4 pounds box and over to USA, so it’s the cheapest way to ship an order (10 – 16 days)

How can i pay an order?

It’s very easy: by Paypal service, a free and safe way to send money. If you don’t want to use a credit or debit card, you can send cash by Western Union, Money Gram, Siga, Xoom and so…most of money orders companies send money to Mexico. After you pay, your order is set to production, or your purchase prepares for shipping.

Do i pay taxes?

If you are in Mexico, it depends of your decision.

If you are out of Mexico, tax free.

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